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Learn everything you need to know about investments


3 Weeks


UX Designer

Team Lead



The Story

In a changing world where financial stability is challenged, financial and investment literacy is crucial. As self-investing becomes more popular, there is a growing demand for information on this topic. As a team member, I helped conceptualize InvestU, an app with comprehensive investing content and a community of like-minded individuals seeking knowledge.



To create a new financial app that helps users learn about trading and investing. We started with extensive user research and were able to identify the pain points of users' when investing.



Young professionals who want to make secondary income find the process of investing too complicated, overwhelming and time consuming .

How might we simplify the process of investing so users have more information and educational resources in order to work towards a better financial future?


We created an educational app where investors (of all levels) can find educational content about investing and share their ideas and insights.

We created a community of like minded individuals working towards a better financial future for themselves through education.

My Design Process


Research Goals

Before we started our research, we had some goals in mind...

  • Understand people’s investing behaviours

  • Learn why they want to invest

  • Uncover user pain points with the current educational resources they use

  • Discover what they would want to see in a financial app

Quantitative Data

To obtain some initial quantitative data before commencing user research, we conducted a survey to gather insights. Our aim was to obtain a rapid snapshot of the top financial goals of our users. We received 14 responses.

57.1% of respondents said their top financial goal was to invest.

Frame 1748.png
Pexels Photo by Anna Shvets.png


Effective research begins by formulating well-crafted, open-ended questions that enable us to gain a deep understanding of our users' pain points.

Key Research Questions

  • If you are currently investing- what tools/ resources are currently using and how do you like them?

  • How do you choose what to invest in? And why?

  • What would you want to see in an education based app for investing?

  • Have you encountered challenges in the past when investing? If so, tell me about them. 

Affinity Map

To organize all of our research information (gathered from our interviews) we made an affinity map to sort our data and start identifying patterns.

Pain points
Pain points.png
What influences investment decisions
Features to make learning better
Image by Headway

User Quote

“It’s hard to find good information about trading/ investing. Would be awesome to have a platform where I can find lots of information and I can learn at my own pace.”

Mark R

User Persona

After our research, we constructed a user persona. We wanted to create a persona in order to help us understand the needs, motivations and goals of our target users.


Competitor Analysis

We conducted a competitor analysis to enhance our design by identifying and leveraging our competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

Group 10138 (1).png
Group 10139.png

I like

i like.png

I wish

i wish.png

What if

what if.png

Feature Prioritization Matrix

Frame 1807 (2).png


A storyboard was created to show a visual representation of our user's journey through our product/ service. A storyboard can help visualize the user's experience and identify pain points.

1. Problem Discovery


Jennet has been working as a mortgage specialist for the past 5 years. She is interested in investing and savings to buy her first home. However, she doesn't know where to start.

2. Solution Search


She searches the web, but finds most of the information too overwhelming and filled with too much jargon.

3. Product Discovery


At work the next day, during lunch, her coworker mentions an app that she could use to learn about investing and kickstart her financial journey.

5. Problem Allivated


She starts reading and watching the educational videos on the app about trading, she reads various articles, and introduces herself on the chat section of the app to her fellow app users. She’s really happy that she finally found an app where she can learn about investing and be a part of a community.

4. Product Experienced


She downloads the app when she gets home from work. She makes an account and starts exploring the app.

6. Beneficial Outcome


After a few weeks of learning on the app she feels confident and knowledgeable. She creates an investment account through her bank and buys her first stock ever!

User Flow

Untitled design (2).png

Paper Wireframes

Prior to commencing the design phase on Figma, we began by sketching out some initial ideas to conceptualize how we envisioned the app's appearance.

Paper wireframes provide a quick, low-fidelity way to explore design solutions and communicate ideas.

Sign Up






IMG_2555 1.png

Low/ Mid Fidelity Wireframes



Splash page 1.png

Questionnaire Page (Sign Up Pages)



Community Page





User Testing

User testing played a critical role in our process as we aimed to guarantee that our app was user-friendly and effortless to use. Our objective was to observe how users interacted with the product and collect feedback on their experience.

Objectives/ Goals:  

Looking to learn if there are any issues with the layout of the app and if the users understand how to use it.


1) Sign up and get onboarded
2) Search and find a video about investing
3) Find community page and start chatting with other app users

100% of users were able to complete all tasks, however they had some feedback.

User Feedback

High Priority for App/ High Priority for Users


Homepage fb.png


generasl fb.png

Sign up/On Boarding


navigation fb.png


lang fb.png

Iterations (Based on User Feedback)

Home Page

ite home.png

Filter Page

ite filter_edited.png

Community Page

ite comm_edited.jpg

High Fidelity Mockups

Splash Screen

Log in Screen

mu log_edited.png

Home Page

mu home_edited.png

Community Page

mu comm_edited.png

Bookmark Page

my bookmark_edited.png


Key Takeaways

  1. Narrow down the amount of ideas for app (focus)

  2. Never stop iterating & getting feedback

  3. Be in constant communication with your team

Next Steps....

  1. Introduce watchlists for users to track favourite stocks

  2. Allow users to buy stocks on app

  3. Focus more on the creator aspect of the app

My team

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